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How can you calculate the winning odds when playing online lottery? – Fun88

Online lottery odds – Fun88


Can you calculate online lottery odds? – Fun88

Most people dream of winning the online lottery and they are still wondering how to win it. Sites like Fun88 Indiaoffer the possibility of playing the lottery online and many players think about how many chances they really must win online lottery at Fun88 or any other site. Discover a simple mathematical way to calculate the online lottery winning odds!


The online lottery can be played in different ways, and in each place the draw has its own particularities. Focus on a standard online lottery in which the bettor chooses six numbers from 1 to 50 and wins if all his numbers are drawn, regardless of the order in fun88 india which they are drawn.

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The same mathematical operation that we will see can be adapted to different lotteries. For example, in the same way we will see today, we could do the calculation for an online lottery in which the bettor chooses five numbers from 1 to 40, or seven from 1 to 60.


The important thing is that the set of numbers to be drawn is finite and that the order in which the numbers are drawn does not matter. In other cases, we would be dealing with much more sophisticated draws and calculating the probability of winning would be much more complex.


How do you calculate the probability of winning the online lottery? – Fun88


Let's go back to the initial online lottery assumption of six numbers from 1 to 50. Everyone chooses their six numbers: x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6. To best toss prediction calculate the combined probability that the six numbers we chose will be drawn, we must calculate the simple probability that each of them will be drawn.


To calculate the probability that any one of the six numbers we chose, let's call it xq, we must divide the favorable cases by the possible cases. The favorable cases are six: that one of our six chosen numbers comes out. The possible cases are all the numbers that could come out, in our online lottery, 50. So the probability that one of our numbers comes out is 6/50.

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Now, when in the same draw we want to calculate the probability that another number comes out, let's call it xk, the favorable and possible cases are reduced, because previously one of our numbers came out. Then the probability that another of our numbers will be drawn is 5/49.


P (x1) = 6/50 = 0.12


P (x2) = 5/49 = 0,102 (approx.)


P (x3) = 4/48 = 0.084 (approx.)


P (x4) = 3/47 = 0,064 (approx.)


P (x5) = 2/46 = 0.043 (approx.)


P (x6) = 1/45 = 0.023 (approx.)


We have already calculated the probabilities of each of our numbers coming out separately, now how do we calculate the probabilities of winning the whole online lottery? Simple: we must multiply the probabilities. Above we put the approximations up to the third decimal number, but to calculate the total more accurately it is preferable to multiply the fractions.


6/50 * 5/49 * 4/48 * 3/47 * 2/46 * 1/45 = 0,000000063


Now we have calculated the -scarce- odds that all our numbers will come out, but it doesn't end here. Now you must calculate the odds against you! You must calculate the inverse:


1 : 0,000000063 = 15873015,873015873


This means that you have a probability of 1 in 15 873 015, or in other words, 1 in 16 million, approximately. The most important thing in this article was not to learn how to calculate the odds of winning the online lottery, but to convince you not to do it anymore!


What is the improbability principle? – Fun88 India


Understanding improbability principles can help you win the online lottery at Fun88. According to Professor Hand, Imperial College of London, director of the Royal Statistical Society, there are five laws that contribute to the Improbability Principle. The Law of Inevitability, the Law of Really Big Numbers, the Law of Selection, the Law of the Probability Lever and the Law of Sufficiently Similar.


The Law of Inevitability: Something Must Happen – Fun88


The Law of Inevitability says that one of the complete sets of all possible outcomes of a random event must necessarily occur. For example, of all the possible online lottery outcomes, at least one must happen. The chance that our ticket is the winner is equal to the probability that our neighbor's ticket is the winner. As extraordinary as it may seem, someone always wins the online lottery.


The Law of Truly Large Numbers: anything can happen – Fun88


The Law of Truly Large Numbers says that with a sufficiently large number of chances, anything outlandish is likely to happen. If we consider any outcome of an experiment with a very small probability and perform the experiment a sufficiently large number of times, the outcome that was initially unlikely becomes the most likely of all.


The Law of the Probability Lever: small changes can make highly improbable events happen with certainty.

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According to this law, behind highly improbable events there are thousands of variables that make the same event the most probable of all. In the example David Hand himself cites, he relates that he once traveled to a conference and met a former student sitting one seat away and then, on the plane ride back, he met him again, in seats next to him.


Her first thought was that this was an extraordinary coincidence, after all, every day there are thousands of flights to thousands of different places and each plane has hundreds of seats available, what were the chances? After giving this idea some thought he began to narrow down those odds.


He knew that they both came from the same city, so it was likely that they would both return to it. He also knew that they had both traveled to the same conference, so it was likely that they both flew back at the same time. He also knew that they were both flying in the same class, so the number of seats was reduced. So, he concluded that this seemingly strange event was in fact very likely, almost inevitable.


Overlooking the details makes us believe that some events are simply impossible, however, upon closer inspection, such events are more common than we first thought.


The Law of Near Enough: We consider events that are similar enough to be identical – Fun88


How similar do two events must appear to be for us to be surprised? If you meet a person on the street with the same first name as you, I don't think you'll be surprised, but what if you also share a last name? There, perhaps, you will think "What a great coincidence!" But what is the limit? When does a coincidence surprise us and when do we assume it to be natural?


Mathematics says that given a long enough period, and psychology says that given enough interest, a connection is sure to be found. Anything that strikes us as unusual, we will automatically turn into an extraordinary event, even if it is statistically very common.


Coincidences happen all the time. The degree to which they surprise us does not alter their probabilities at all: the truly unusual day would be one in which nothing unusual happens. In David Hand's own words:

"The Improbability Principle tells us that events which we regard as highly improbable occur because we got things wrong. If we can find out where we went wrong, then the improbable will become probable".


Steps to play online lottery at Fun88 or any other site

  • Create a player account: To enjoy all the benefits of playing the lottery, you just need to register, and don't worry that the registration should take you no more than 30 seconds, or a minute at most. Click on the "Register" button located at the top right corner of the page. Enter your email address and choose a secure password. Then, enter your personal data and click on the "Complete Registration" button. Please note that only one user account per person is allowed.
  • Choose your lottery: Each lottery has a link from the main menu. To start playing just click on the lottery of your choice. This will take you to the home page of that lottery, where you can play and get more information.
  • Confirm your game: All set? Ok, now click on the green "Confirm" button. You will be taken to the Shopping Cart section, where you will be able to verify or modify your purchase before finalizing it. On the right side you will see a trash can icon, with which you can remove the ticket from your cart. Underneath is an eye icon to view your ticket. When you click on this button, your ticket and your numbers will appear. If you hover over the ticket, you will be able to edit it if you wish.
  • Confirm and continue: Once everything is ready, click on the "Pay Now" button to finish the transaction.
  • Cross your fingers and check your e-mail: Now, another great thing about playing with Fun88 that we have not mentioned, is that you don't have to worry about playing offline anymore. No more squinting your eyes trying to interpret the results of your ticket, no more struggling with those new impractical reading machines. Nor do you have to worry about losing your ticket - with Fun88, everything is done digitally, instantly, and easily!
  • Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation in your mailbox. You will also be notified of the results of the draw and any prizes you have won. Any money you win will be automatically credited to your Fun88 user account.

You can use this virtual credit to play again, or you can choose to withdraw it to your bank account, and if you have doubts about withdrawing your money, here we show you how our lottery payments work. In other words, you don't have to do anything - the tickets, results and winnings will automatically come to you!


Moreover, fun88 india offers you the best bonuses, promotions and benefits. In addition, you can play at Fun88 by downloading fun88 app or on your desktop. So, visit Fun88 and start enjoying the best of online betting games.


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