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The strongest 539 drag card technique! 70% Winning Rate of India Mark Six Lottery Instant Draw Numbers in Fun88 Casino

The strongest 539 drag card technique! 70% Winning Rate of India Mark Six Lottery Instant Draw Numbers in Fun88 Casino


Fun88 Lotto-type lottery coupons are loved by the general public for their simple betting, small cost and high bonuses. Many people already have the habit of "every Monday lottery coupons". When they leave the betting shop, they start to wonder how many numbers are in the Fun88 lottery tickets bought this time. , How much money can you receive? The instant draw of the Fun88 Mark Six lottery every week is the most anticipated time for lottery customers! Lotto-type lottery tickets come in many forms. Each has different rules and winning criteria. Of course, bonuses and odds are also different. Today, let’s get to know the India Mark Six lottery, which is popular all over the world! fun88 bet


Fun88: Contents

  • Fun88: Mark Six lottery format
  • Fun88: How to play Mark Six  
  • -[two stars, three stars, four stars]  
  • - [Full car, half car, seat car]
  • The winners share: What should I pay attention to after buying the Fun88 Mark Six lottery?  
  • - Pay attention to the award deadline  
  • - Financial planning
  • - Tax fraud

The special feature of the Fun88 Mark Six lottery is that the gameplay is changeable. A set of Mark Six lottery numbers can be extended in many ways. However, there are a few popular playing methods that are relatively well-known, and the rules, bet amounts, and bonuses are almost the same. funn88


Fun88: Mark Six lottery format:

A total of 49 numbers, 6 general numbers + 1 special number will be drawn in each issue (someone will directly call the lottery number as the main line/main branch) fun88 login


Fun88: How to play Mark Six:

  • 【Two stars, three stars, four stars】 1 bet is about 80 yuan (according to the bookmaker's setting), there is no upper limit for the bet amount, you can sign as many bets as you like.
  • Two stars

    Number of Matching Numbers

    2 numbers

    3 numbers

    Bonus per bet


    $5,700 x3

    Three Stars

    Number of Matching Numbers

    3 numbers

    Bonus per bet


    Four stars

    Number of Matching Numbers

    4 numbers

    Bonus per bet



Recommended with:
If you want to sign in the direction of a higher number of stars, and are confident, you can also buy the same number and a combination of low number of stars, because the high number of stars will be hit, and the low number of stars will definitely win, and you are eligible to receive the prize. Will not conflict with each other. In other words, if I buy a four-star, and if I win, it means that the two-star and three-star are both winning, and I can receive three pens! On the contrary, if there is no confidence, all three groups can be signed differently, and the probability will be scattered. Fun88

  • [Full car, half car, seat car]
    The main difference between these three gameplays lies in the bet amount and bonus;
  • Bet amount

    Jackpot bonus


    Whole car



    Half car




For the seat car, you can choose the second and third numbers (some people say that you take the second and third cars), and the bet amount and bonus are calculated according to the above multiples.

The winners share: What should I pay attention to after buying the Fun88 Mark Six lottery?

No matter which type of lottery you buy or how much money you win, it is a happy thing to win a prize, but this is not the wealth that comes from the sky, but the gain you get because you made the right choice. Cricket Betting india

Of course, you can't waste it in vain. Ah! However, there are some "careless, ignorant, and not paying attention" moments that let some money that originally belonged to you fly away. Many Fun88 winners have faced this situation after knowing that they have won the prize. Almost everyone wins the prize. Everyone defends their bonuses in three ways:

  • Pay attention to the award deadline
    There is a saying in the market: "Don't pick up the prize right away on the day you win the prize, in order to retain your wealth."

  • Some people will deliberately stay for a few more days or even wait until the next issue to receive the prize in order not to let others know that they have won the prize. In fact, there are hundreds of reasons for deliberate delay. forget). But be sure to store the winning Fun88 tickets or certificates separately, so as not to accidentally throw them away! It is recommended that you set up an alarm clock or reminder to collect the prize 3 days before the deadline. Don't go there on the day of the deadline. It is always safer to have a buffer period.

  • Financial planning
    Smart people understand the importance of money rolling, so when you get a Fun88 bonus, the first thing that comes to your mind is usually not what to eat, what to buy to reward yourself... and other consumption purposes, but how to allocate it How much money can be spent, how much must be saved, and how much will be rolled out.

  • There are many ways to increase the chance of winning in the Fun88 Mark Six lottery, such as the 539 dragging technique. However, it will inevitably take a period of research to see the results, and after learning the calculation method, the 100% winning rate cannot be reached. I want to increase the winning rate. The profit space will inevitably still have the problem of cost loss, which highlights the importance of setting up a budget.

  • Tax fraud
    In India, 20% income tax will be deducted (not included in the personal comprehensive income tax) when the Fun88 lottery winning amount is higher than 5,000 yuan. If you are receiving cash or remitting to your account, there will be 0.4% stamp tax. If you use a cheque or self-stamp, there will be no stamp tax. , But the awarding financial institution may charge a handling fee at its discretion.

  • The above taxes and fees will not be required to pay by phone or E-mail. After receiving the bill, it is recommended to call first to confirm whether the collection agency really has the record, check the bill number, and make sure that it is correct. pay. Remember, because the number on the bill can be faked, it would be safer to check the phone number by yourself.

  • However, if the money is won at Fun88 Casino, it will not be taxed because it is an overseas host website that will not leave a record in the country. This is one of the reasons why many Fun88 players choose Fun88 Cricket Betting instead of Indian lottery. one.

Betting is something to look forward to, but you must remember that no matter how confident you are, gambling is only suitable for small gambling. If betting affects your living expenses, it is not worth it! And if you really believe that betting on lottery tickets can bring you extra gains, you should plan your budget for your gambling, and aim for long-term and stable participation in betting, instead of throwing all the money into the first Fun88 lottery. Above, not everyone can afford such a big risk.