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Who invented the lottery? Discover it and more details about lottery in India!

Origin and history of the lottery and more details about lottery in India


Origin of the lottery around the world and lottery in India


Everyone has played the lottery in India at least once. The possibility of getting rich for a small amount of money is an idea that appeals to all of us. But it is always luck that decides. Keep reading and find out who the inventor was and lottery evolution over the time. Don't miss the origin of games of chance!

The origin of lotteries arises when man kubet tends to trust more in chance than in himself. The Lottery, game is based on this truth. To get rich by a stroke of luck is a human aspiration felt since the beginning of civilization.

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Anyone could have tried to take advantage of this crazy ambition that man feels to become a millionaire overnight. Some believe that this honor should be assigned to the Jews.

According to the theory that mentions Jewish origin, in chapter XXVI of the Book of Numbers, God suggests to Moses how to carry out the division ku casino of the promised land among the tribes.

The solution was to put the names of the twelve tribes on twelve stones, and the names of the twelve areas into which the land was divided on twelve others.

The person in charge of matching one stone from the box of the names with another from the box of the districts would be the lot. The fate of the chosen people was thus left in the hands of the lottery.

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The Lottery is also in the Book of Leviticus, in chapter 16 of which the lot is entrusted to chance. Two papers were written alluding to animals, one destined to be sacrificed to God and the other to be sent to the devil, both options represented by goats.

Some consider that this way of leaving things to chance ultimately seeks supreme justice, since it is God who disposes. And already in the early Christian tradition, luck was a form of divine intervention: chance is the hand of God.


History of the lottery in ancient Rome

Theories aside, there is no doubt that in ancient Rome there was an organized lottery, and during the Saturnalia many tablets on which were inscribed various gifts, prizes and trophies were thrown to the crowd.

In first century, Rome games of chance were one of the favorite occupations of the people and were used for everything. In some feasts, among other activities, there was a lottery of love that paired adolescents for a year.

For this purpose, the names of the boys were put in one box and those of the girls in another, and names were drawn from both, and thus a pair of teenagers were paired by luck.

Those thus united attended together the parties, dances and joyous occasions of the city. The Lottery decided destiny, chance brought people together. The future depended on good or bad luck.

History of the lottery in the Middle Ages


More towards our time, Venetian merchants in the late Middle Ages used to get rid of goods that were difficult to dispose of by raffling off a series of lots: for a small price, a series of goods could be acquired if luck was on their side.

During this period, raffles or lotteries of this type did not evolve much. It was always destined to solve some punctual problem to fill the coffers of the Lord or of the Kingdom.

Birth of the modern lottery and lottery in India

The modern lottery, which began as a game. It derives from the French "lotto". It seems that it was introduced in France in 1525 by the soldiers of Francis I, coming from Italy.

These soldiers would have known it in Italy, where it was a playful activity perhaps of Genoese origin. It seems that the invention of the lotto was due to a certain Benedetto Gentile, who was inspired to create it by the custom followed by the municipal council of the city of Genoa to renew public offices.

This custom took place in France after being somewhat modified in 1533. A year later, in 1534, Francis I authorized a certain Jean Laurent to organize the lottery, against payment to the Treasury of two thousand pounds, with which this Laurent obtained enormous profits.

Since it was a good way to collect large sums of money, the lottery spread and expanded in several countries until today, including India. That's why lottery in India is so popular now.

What are the rules of the lottery game?

The lottery game consists of 54 cards made up of numbers, animals or different things. Each player can take more than one card, which is made up of 16 images distributed in 4 x 4 squares. Know in detail what are the rules of the lottery in India.

Rules of the game


To play the lottery you must follow the following rules. First, arrange the cards randomly. The 54 cards must be complete; if one card is missing, the game cannot be played. Each player can take more than one card.

Then the "shouter" must be selected, i.e. the participant who will select the cards at random. Listen carefully to the shouter to correctly mark all the cards.

After that, the player must mark the card that the shouter has chosen at random on his card. This process is repeated several times.

If the player forms the agreed template he must say, "lottery". These templates can be full tile, horizontal line, vertical linear. Even, the shape of some letter or number, according to the imagination.

The winner of the lottery is the participant who completes the agreed template first. If money is being wagered in the game, the prize is the money collected from the purchase of chips.

Purpose of the lottery game

The objective of the lottery game is to fill in the template previously agreed upon by the players. In this way, the participant will have won the game and will receive the reward.

If there are several winners, the prize must be divided equally. In other words, the lottery game is easy and fun. It can be played to enjoy a pleasant moment or to win some extra money by trying your luck. Really know what the purpose of the lottery game is!

Thus, the lottery board game can be played for the purpose of enjoyment, winning extra money and as a teaching strategy. It stimulates cognitive, social and communicative development.

What is the key to winning the lottery in India (or anywhere else)?


There are some tricks to win the lottery, which will help you have a better chance of winning this game of chance. Among which we can list:

  2. Play more often: One of the keys to winning the lottery in India more often is to play more often. Also, buy or choose more playing chips because this increases your chances of winning. However, if you are betting money in the lottery game, you must be careful not to affect your finances or spend the money allocated to cover basic needs. Remember, it is a game of chance to enjoy and have fun.
  4. Playing the same chips: When playing repeated lottery in India games, try not to change the game chips. Instead, always play the same chips, which should not have consecutive numbers, since the probability of winning numbers that are in the same ten is unlikely.
  6. Choose numbers that are above 31, since many people create combinations with the date of birth. This guarantees that when you win you will not share the prize.
  8. Play in a group: If you team up with other participants to win the lottery, you are more likely to be victorious. However, if you win, you must share the prize with your teammates.

How is the probability of winning the lottery in India calculated?

There is a mathematical formula that allows you to calculate the probability of winning the lottery. It is represented by: Being, "n "the number of probable events and "r" the number of events chosen. The sign "!" represents the factorial.

To illustrate the formula, suppose that a lottery player wants to know the probability of drawing 5 cards from his chip. To calculate the probability, it is known that the total number of probable events is 54, which is the total number of cards. While the total number of chosen cases is 5:

Then, the probability is 1 among 3,162,510 lottery games. Therefore, to be a winner you must be accompanied by luck and some of the tricks mentioned above.

Finally, you already know the history of the lottery game which is one of the oldest of all mankind. It can be used as a learning and entertainment strategy. So, go ahead and play a game and may luck be with you!

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