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What happens with lottery pools if the game is suspended

What happens with lottery pools if the game is suspended
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With 75 years of history, Lottery pools continue to be the favorite lottery game for soccer fans. Every week, they try to guess the result of the matches in order to achieve the desired plenary session at 15, but. What happens if the match is suspended? Who determines the winner? And how are the results of Lottery Pools? Unlike other lottery games, which are based on specially organized draws, the results of lottery pools depend on the celebration of the 15 games that are bet on each day. And of course, as the teacher Cruyff would say: “Soccer is soccer”. In other words, anything can happen on the pitch until the referee whistles for the end of the match: an unexpected draw, a victory at the last minute, a missed penalty, a disallowed goal. That is the excitement of lottery pools , you never know what will happen and where the surprise will jump

Sometimes, it also happens that a game is not played when planned, something that can happen for various reasons according to the regulations of the Royal Spanish Football Federation: poor state of the playing field, impossibility of guaranteeing the safety of the public or the players, numerical inferiority of some of the teams ... There have even been suspensions of matches for reasons of duel, as happened when the unexpected deaths of footballers play indian lottery. However, the most common reason why a football match cannot be held are force majeure: from meteorological circumstances to strikes or epidemics, as we have seen recently with the suspension of the Football League due to COVID -19.

In all the cases we have seen before, generally the suspended game ends up being held on another date. However, for the purposes of lottery pools this does not work, because being a lottery game it is necessary to know all the results within the indicated period. For this reason, what happens when a lottery pools match is suspended is perfectly set out in the regulations of this lottery game, which we summarize below: If before 00:00 hours on the Thursday of the week prior to the date of the day it is announced that a match included in lottery pools will not be able to be held, then said match will be replaced by another match on the lottery pools ticket.

In the event that the match is suspended or postponed without the advance notice indicated in the previous point and the match cannot be held within a maximum of 24 hours from the date of the match, then it will be considered void for the purposes of lottery pools.
In this nullity situation, the result of the match or matches that have been excluded from Lottery pools due to the previous point will be decided by a draw, regardless of the sporting result of the match when it is held. Let's take an example to understand it more easily. Imagine that a La Liga match cannot be held on schedule because one of the teams cannot line up enough players for the match. If the suspension is known before 00:00 hours on Thursday of the previous week, the game is replaced by another of the day play indian lottery. In the event that the suspension is not known before the previous week, but the match is held within 24 hours of the day, then the result of the postponed match is valid. If the match takes place more than 24 hours after the matchday date, the result is decided by a draw.